Despite the woman sister’s overeager meddling, Maud eventually chooses to accept for the Ponyville, stepping into a jewel cave nearby the town

Despite the woman sister’s overeager meddling, Maud eventually chooses to accept for the Ponyville, stepping into a jewel cave nearby the town

Regarding event Brand new Present of your Maud Cake, Maud meets Pinkie Pie in the Manehattan to help you celebrate the yearly “Pie Sisters’ Treat Change Go out”, in which it spend big date sightseeing together and you will replace gift suggestions from the sundown. During the the lady stay in Manehattan, Maud generally expresses demand for stone-associated some thing, and she briefly demonstrates a talent to possess ice skating.

From inside the current replace, Maud gets Pinkie a cardboard container regarding cupcake-fragrant confetti, and you will she receives a different material pouch to carry the woman pet Boulder within the. However, whenever she discovers one to Pinkie obtained new wallet in return for the girl precious class canon, Maud yields the brand new pouch to obtain the canon straight back. She plus says to Pinkie you to definitely no matter what she receives for Pie Sisters’ Amaze Exchange Date, she’ll treasure it long as it is given out regarding like.

12 months eight

Into the Dependable Friendship, Maud brings in her rocktorate from inside the stone research, therefore the title off “doctor”, and you may considers relocating to Ponyville to advance this lady studies. Given that Pinkie reveals this lady what Ponyville is offering, Maud befriends Starlight Glimmer and you can securities with her more stones and you can kite-traveling.

An excellent flashback regarding the occurrence suggests that Maud unknowingly assisted Starlight on her behalf way to setting-up this lady town from cutie mark-shorter ponies, pointing this lady in direction of the fresh cavern where she would keep the cutie scratches regarding the woman supporters.

Into the Strange Thread, throughout the Sunburst’s visit to Ponyville, Maud gets loved ones that have your using their common demand for geology. She later assists him reconcile having Starlight Glimmer when she seems put aside through the their go to.

Season seven

Regarding the Maud Pair, Maud brings up Pinkie so you’re able to the girl sweetheart Mudbriar. His mannerisms and you can quirks honestly log in to Pinkie’s anxiety, to the stage where Pinkie is unable to rationalize exactly how otherwise as to why Maud loves him. Just after getting some suggestions away from the girl almost wellhello free trial every other siblings Limestone and you can Marble, Pinkie sets with Mudbriar because the he produces Maud happy, therefore the three celebrate Maud’s birthday with her.

Into the Fake They ‘Til You make It, Maud helps make a good cameo among the potential horses Rarity requires to operate her Manehattan store, Rareness For you. Maud declines, but implies Fluttershy, also to a diminished extent, Boulder. On Breakup Break down, Maud looks spending time with Mudbriar through the Minds and you will Hooves Time (with regards to pet Boulder and you may Twiggy with a comparable date).

Within just Principals, Starlight Glimmer employs Maud becoming a temporary alternative teacher during the the school of Relationship. Within the Yakity-Sax, Maud transports all of Pinkie’s land back into brand new Cake family rock ranch down seriously to Pinkie briefly relocating to Yakyakistan. Whenever Pinkie’s family attempt to query their what’s going on, she brings extremely-exact answers to its issues.

Greatest Present Ever

Throughout the vacation special My personal Nothing Horse Greatest Present Ever before, Maud appears honoring Hearth’s Home heating Eve together with her and you will Applejack’s household, and you may Mudbriar. When Pinkie requires this lady, Limestone and you may Marble to assist the girl favor the ultimate present getting Twilight, Maud indicates providing her a rock, even after Pinkie doubting that Twilight manage want a rock.

Seasons 9

Inside the Sparkle’s 7, Maud appears temporarily once the an excellent “specialist” to simply help having Twilight’s heist, permitting Applejack to break a rock by looking its weakest spot.

For the College student The recommendations, Maud and you will Mudbriar place a part because of their family members so you’re able to commemorate the newest Springtime Solstice. For the people, Terramar appears, requesting help selecting his sibling Silverstream. During the search, the team encounter a head of Cockatrices, leading to Mudbriar getting turned to brick (which makes your more attractive inside Maud’s attention). Immediately following Silverstream is based, having tamed a great Cockatrice she named “Edith”, Maud reluctantly wants Mudbriar as restored on track.